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From self-doubt and anxieties of being judged and failing to ultimate clarity, confidence, and success,

Taking Charge of your Life

You want to do more, be more and live more, but anxious thoughts and feelings are holding you back from fulfilling your ultimate potential. You wish you knew why you feel the way you do so you never have to feel like this again.

You might be…

Riddled with self-doubt to the point it eats away at your confidence and stops you operating at to your full potential.

 Second-guessing every decision you've made and now your stuck without a way out.

Feeling overwhelmed by anxious thoughts and feelings, and feel as joy has been sucked out of life.

Sabotaging your potential success with constant procrastination.

Playing small because you fear judgement and failure.

Whatever way you're sabotaging your potential, my job is to help you break free from negative patterns for good, so you can reach your full potential.

You’re not alone.
 Up to 82 million people
worldwide experience Impostor Syndrome at some point in their life*. 

Ultimate breakthrough requires accessing the root cause of your
thoughts and beliefs. 

Lets’ face it, you’re here because you never want to feel the way you do. 


It's exhausting and you want transformation. 


I get you. I’ve been there. I’ve transformed my life and many others around the world just like you.  


And, I want this for you too.  


No more feeling like you’re not good enough, excessive worry and overthinking, second guessing your every move or the Sunday night dread.  


You may not be aware of the reason why you feel the way you do, but for sure your subconscious mind knows without doubt.  For some purpose, this issue decided to show up in your life, and now it's working against you.  


It's time to let it go for good.  


Let's quickly identify and eradicate the root cause of your issue so that you can bring joy back into your life and operate to your full potential.​

About Me


On a mission to create happiness

I could summarise my background and story, but you probably already have a pretty good idea from my social media accounts. Before you invest in your transformation, you want to a sense of whether I'm the real deal. Right?

Absolutely, here’s why:

I'm an expert

I specialise in assisting people in find clarity, purpose and confidence so that they can achieve success they were always meant to.

I get you results

Forget endless talk; we’ll quickly get to the core issue so you can start your transformation, find joy and operate to your highest potential.

I have the credentials
I'm a certified hypnotherapist, Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner as well as a coach having led global sales and marketing teams across the world for the past 20 years.

I only work with serious people

I choose my clients carefully to ensure they are: the right fit for me; motivated to invest in their future; and able to be accountable for their own change. 

If you're ready to take the next step, book a strategy call with me.



I don’t want you to just believe my words. I want you to see what my clients have to say about their incredible transformations from our work together.

Client Testimonial on Self-Worth │Leigh Jagow
Leigh Jagow,

I was really impressed with the results following the online session I did with Tina focusing on self-worth.  I've been feeling lighter, freer and more solid since our sessions - it's fantastic!  I feel more and on purpose.  My confidence has massively increased.  This truly is life-changing and I would recommend with our reservation...Thank you Tina.

Client Regults │ Self-Worth Testimonial
Copy of People_edited.jpg
Maureen Tan,
Insurance Executive

I really enjoyed my session with Tina and got much more out of it than I imagined possible. Tina helped me to demystify a lot of my thoughts and behaviours that are no longer constructive in my life and get to the root cause of issues. This has really changed my perspective and allowed me to broaden my view of what I should be getting out of life. It is an invaluable experience and I highly recommend this to anyone who wants more clarity and purpose!

Client Regults │ Self-Sabotage Transformation
Emily Garcia,
Sales Executive

Tina helped me get to dig deep to understand the what was behind my self-sabotaging behaviour. No self-help book has ever come close to the work with Tina.  I finally know the reasons behind my actions and can finally put it behind me and start being the person I've always wanted to be.  I only wish I had done this sooner!

Client Regults │Self-Worth
Client Testimonial on Self-Worh And Confidence │ Anaya Rao
Anaya Rao,

Since my session with Tina I've noticed a shift in my attitude.  Sales calls no longer feel 'ikkie' and stating my premium price feels effortless. My sales conversion rate has doubled despite increasing my price twice. That's something I would never have contemplated doing before.

Client Regults │Self-Worth
Work With Me

Work With Me

 You have just touched the edge of your current comfort zone.  This is the glass ceiling you’ve unconsciously set for yourself and beyond this lies an amazing level of success.  My job is to help steer you out of this contraction zone and towards the success and joy you so badly crave.


Your mind already has the answers to what’s holding you back, you just need my help you reveal them from a subconscious level so that you can make sense of them and move forward with confidence.


My clients mean everything to me.  I hold a safe and empowering space for your healing and growth to take place. 


Together we can rapidly breakthrough the root of your negative patterns so you can thrive.

Ways to WorkWith Me


1:1 Rapid Breakthrough Therapy

If you've tried everything but still feel like you're stuck in old patterns, then it's time to take your healing to the next level.

Working with me one-to-one, I'll help you target the root cause of your issues at a subconscious level so that we can clear them in just a few sessions.

Your mind holds all the answers to why your holding back and this solution helps to quickly unravel this. Knowledge is power and I can help you achieve a rapid breakthrough and transformation with results based package.

Learn More
Virtual Team Meeting

Self-Persuasion Selling Programme

A potent formula for sales success— an immersive journey combining:
1.   Deeply subconscious work that  expands your level of confidence; and
​2.  Practical sales skills so you can hit your sales goals in an authentic and easy way without old school sleazy, pushy and manipulative sales tactics.

Learn More

Book A Strategy Call

The time is now for your rapid breakthrough. 


If you're serious about transforming your life and willing to invest time and money, let's have a strategy call, during which I'll explain more about my work, results and how we might work together.

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