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1:1 Rapid Breakthrough Therapy

Let's Get You Unstuck

If you've tried everything but still feel like you're stuck in old patterns, then it's time to take your healing to the next level.Working with me one-to-one, I'll help you target the root cause of your issues at a subconscious level so that we can clear them in just a few sessions.


Your mind holds all the answers to why your holding back and this solution helps to quickly unravel this.


Knowledge is power and I can help you achieve a rapid breakthrough and transformation with results based package.


How Rapid Breakthrough Therapy works



The root cause of your issue will be identified by tapping into thoughts and beliefs embedded in your subconscious mind using powerful hypnosis techniques.



Enable you to make sense of the old beliefs, their original purpose and how they're no longer serving you.



The negative core beliefs, habits and emotions are reframed, setting you up for transformation.



New transformative beliefs are introduced allowing your healing to start.


Learn more about Rapid Breakthrough Therapy

To learn more about how powerful Rapid Breakthrough Therapy can be to help you achieve. your transformation check out the Frequently Asked Questions.

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