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6 Myths About Hypnosis

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

People have lots of wrong ideas about hypnotherapy, despite it being one of the oldest forms of therapy. Popular TV shows have created visions is people’s minds that they’d be barking like a dog, proposing to the first person they see or hugging a fire hydrant. The truth is Hypnosis is a process for creating a relaxed state of mind and a space for communication between the conscious and unconscious minds; and hypnotherapy.

In this article, I debunk the myths and address some people’s objections accepting the power of hypnotherapy.

1. I can’t be hypnotised, it’s only for weak people

Not true. The reality is incredible strong, talented and creative individuals respond to hypnosis very quickly. For examples athletes who require a will on iron to achieve their goals make great subjects for hypnosis because they have the ability to focus and use their imagination. Essentially, anyone can be quickly hypnotised, they just need to be relaxed enough and those that are hesitant just take a little longer.

2. I will lose control

This is simply not true. You mind is fully aware of the surroundings and you cannot do anything that goes against your own value system. Hypnosis is about being in a deep state of relaxation, it is not about being asleep, but rather a sleep of the nervous system. You’re able to access thoughts, feelings and memories from the subconscious mind and start to make sense of them.

3. My secrets will be revealed

While it is true that under hypnosis you will learn things about your past that you have forgotten or consciously did not understand, you will only share what you are ready to share. The mind is incredibly powerful, it is not asleep or unconscious, and it has the ability to censor so you cannot do anything that goes against your will.

4. I will relive traumatic events

You cannot relive any events as they are in the past. A skilled hypnotherapist will guide you through any painful memories as if they are scenes on a stage or TV show. You are always detached from them and view such scenes at a safe distance to understand what has happened and how to deal with past events so they no longer impact your life going forward.

5. The results don’t last

Hypnosis under Rapid Transformational Therapy creates lasting results when you’re are committed and motivated to change. During the hypnotherapy session as your therapist, I help you identify the root cause of your current issues, breakdown those old beliefs and replace them with a new transformative blueprint. You are given a personalised recording that you have to listen to a for a minimum of 21 days that help to reaffirm these new beliefs. You have to consistently listen to the recording for 21 days because that is how long it takes to create new beliefs and habits.

6. It has limited use

The myth that hypnotherapy is limited to just a few areas is a common myth. You will have heard the popularity of hypnosis in helping people achieve weight loss or to quit smoking. However, hypnosis is used to treat a broad range of mental, physical and emotional problems. Hypnosis helps to treat anything from chronic pain associated with cancer through to labour pains as well as mental and emotional ailments such as obsessive-compulsive disorders to depression and fear of failing. The scope of treatment is wide because hypnotherapy has the power to access thoughts, which create feelings, which in turn create actions and subsequently results.

In this article we’re only scratching the surface when it comes to the power of hypnotherapy. For a greater insight into how hypnotherapy can create incredible lasting transformations in people’s lives check out my client case studies.

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