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  • Tina Freemantle

6 Signs Of Impostor Syndrome

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

If you don't take necessary steps to eradicate impostor syndrome you will soon find yourself stagnating in your business or job; and you’ll be left frustrated watching other people achieve success even when they are less talented, qualified and experienced than you.

Over 80% of women and 40% of men suffer from Impostor Syndrome at some point in their lives and it will guarantee you waste your potential because:

1.Opportunities will elude you

You will miss out on speaking opportunities on podcasts, webinars, at events, or amazing press coverage. All of which will hinder your business from scaling and achieve the success you deserve.

2. You will continue to undercharge

If you don't believe in your worth, then you can’t expect others to and this will make your business unviable. When you start commanding higher prices, you’re communicate your value to your clients and giving them confidence in your ability to solve their problem.

3. You will waste money unnecessarily

Despite being a achievers you will question your competency and plug a gap that does not exist with unnecessary training and qualifications .As an entrepreneur, every last dollar counts and need to focus your spending on the areas that create real business impact and value for your client base.

4. You will let fear of visible win

Whether you like social media or not in this day and age you have to be on it and show up. Your clients want to know you're credible and they'll seek social proof. Gone are the days of endless face-to-face networking at events. If you’re constantly networking to for sales leads, when do you actually run your business let along scale success? Social media has the power to give you greater visibility and reach and propel your business.

5. You will waste time and energy procrastinating

Putting things off until they are perfect will not get you anywhere. Others will surpass you if you're still waiting to perfect your act you will end up with regrets.

6. You come across as inauthentic

If you try to emulate someone who you believe is more successful than yourself, then you're setting yourself up to come across as fake .Your audience want to know who your are, and they want to relate to the person they are investing in. If you're busy being someone else then you run the risk of not connecting with your client base.

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