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  • Tina Freemantle

Coach Potatoes Are Prone To Anxiety

While binging watching your favourite Netflix series may be relaxing and take your mind away from the stresses of every day life, a continued sedentary lifestyle can lead to anxiety according to a study by BMC Public Health.

For example, engaging in screen-based entertainment, such as video gaming, has been shown to increase the arousal of the central nervous system leading to elevated levels of anxiety.

Each and every individual is exposed to different factors; physical and physiological, that impact the thought process. The thought process is distorted, when we remain idle and do not use brain for productive activities. This is the main reason behind our anxiety, that gets built-up when we do not indulge in physical activities.

So, the key to avoid anxiety is to keep the brain engrossed in productive activities, work, and attract positive thoughts. When we are moving and physically exerting, we tend to avoid negative thoughts and remain healthy, both mentally and physically.

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