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  • Tina Freemantle

The "I Need Time to Think About This" Objection

One of the most frequent objections my client's face is "I need more time to think about this". When they hear this objection they instantly believe it's game over and they're not interested.

If you think this, then you might be jumping the gun and walking away from a potential sale.

The more time objection usually means you haven’t asked the right questions earlier on in the sales conversation and checked in with the prospect as to whether they're still on board.

The novice will ask "How long do you think you need to think about this?" or "When would you like me to follow up with you?"

You want to avoid doing.

Instead, use this as an opportunity to clarify any concerns they may have.

RESPOND WITH 👉 “Would you mind if I ask you what specially you’d like to think over just so that I can better understand how I might be able help you reach the decision that’s right for you?”

The prospect might say something like “To be honest I just want to compare your solution/offer/programme with a couple of others before I make my mind up”.

By asking the prospect this question, you’ve found out they’re still shopping around, and you haven’t managed to convince them that your offer is the one for them.

Earlier in the conversation you should have asked the prospect what’s important to them in the solution they’re looking for. This steers you to emphasise the areas of your solutions that matter to them.

This is just one of the ways to handle the time objection. In my programme I teach you how to confidently direct the sales conversation by asking the right questions at the right time using the right tonality.

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