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  • Tina Freemantle

The Pesky Price Question

I’ve always thought when a prospect just wants to talk price straight of that bat, it’s a little naive if not rude.

Revealing the price straight away is a bit like revealing too much about yourself on a first date.

You’re not ready to share the nitty gritty details because you’re not sure they’re right for you and your programme.

You want to understand where the prospect is coming from, what they’re looking for, what have they tried before and why it hasn’t worked for them, and how serious they are about taking positive action to change their future etc, before you decide if they’re right for you or not.

You might feel obliged to just tell them the price, but don’t.

Here’s how you hold them back when they ask for the price straight away:

Your response should be:

“I’m happy to share the price with you, but at this moment I’m not certain I can help you. Would it be okay if I ask you a few questions so that I can understand your situation better to determine best I might be able to help you?"

Nine times out of 10, the prospect will be pacified by this response, because they want to someone to treat them as an individual, listen to them and not see them as just a number in the sales game to push a standard product.

Think of a sales call as an interview. You want to know if the prospect qualifies for your offering before you present your offer.

This will take the pressure off and allow you to confidently steer the sales conversation.

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