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  • Tina Freemantle

What Causes Feelings of Overwhelm?

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

Emotional overwhelm can occur for a short burst of time or a much longer period. Overwhelm can be brought on by a significant event like losing a loved one, a breakdown of a relationship or exceptional stressful time at work.

Sometimes, a series of challenges occurring in rapid succession can trigger someone to feel overwhelmed.

Common experiences that can lead to emotional overwhelm can include:

  • Relationship issues

  • Physical or mental health illness

  • A demanding job

  • Lack of nutrition

  • Financial distress and insecurity

  • Significant life changes

  • Time constraints

  • Death of a loved one

  • Personal traumas such as abuse

  • Continued lack of sleep.

Whatever the is the cause of your overwhelm, you don’t have to feel like this. Seek help so you can take control of your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs and achieve balance, clarity, confidence and purpose.

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