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Self-Persuasion Selling

An immersive journey to develop real life sales skills and confidence close more sales and hit your financial goals. 

Let's imagine sales is easy...

Imagine feeling excited about a sales call was a given, rather than a relief when it’s cancelled.

Imagine you had clients willing to sign - with you having to constantly persuade them or you having to act out of character.

Imagine you could consistently attract clients you love because you knew exactly what to say and your pitch was irresistible.

Imagine if sales was simple and a question of mastering the right skills

Imagine you close more sales effortlessly and consistently hit your financial goals?

...without endless sales calls that go nowhere, being distracted by a trend, or compromising your time and integrity

There's a better way to sell

And it does away with old school techniques that feel  pushy sleazy and manipulative

When I entered the world of entrepreneurship, I was shocked by the wild-west style sales tactics being used.  

This is why I created Self-Persuasion Selling. 

It’s a refreshing way of selling without actually ‘selling’ – an approach that:

Recognises your expertise and the amazing results you help your clients achieve.

Puts you and the client at ease – You connect with the prospect at an emotional level and they open up because they feel you’re genuinely listening to them; and you’re focus is on how best to serve.

Gives you the confidence to  steer the conversation rather than depend on following a script that sounds stilted,, while preventing objections.

Naturally allows you to talk about your uniqueness, incredible results, value driven price.

 Saves time by knowing exactly what to say and ask from the start of the call through to seeking commitment.

How Self-Persuasion Selling Works

Self-Persuasion Selling removes the pressure form selling. 


With it’s easy, yet powerful approach that work with rather than against human nature to solve prospect's problems


Self-Persuasion Selling helps you close more sales through three key pillars

Four Pillars to tripling your closing rate


Solidify a Success Mindset


Understand what motivates individuals to buy and increase your close rate by:

  • Removing your fears associated with selling i.e. rejection and judgement with deep subconscious work.


  • Tuning into prospect and connecting at a deeper emotional level focused on serving.


Become a Sales Conversationalist


 Learn how sell like a sales pro by:

  • Intuitively steering the sales conversation without relying on sales scripts.


  • Tuning into prospect and connecting at a deeper emotional level focused on serving.

  • Knowing exactly what to say by asking the right questions, at the right time using appropriate tonality.

  • Preventing and diffusing objections so they want to sign-up straight away.


Pitch Perfectly

Create an irresistible pitch prospects can’t say no to.


Sales Call Analysis


Conduct sales role-play and receive one-on-one coaching and feedback to help you practice what is working in your sales conversation

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Let's be honest

I’m not just a success mindset coach.  I’m the person that’s going to help you:

  • Master real world sales skills because you need more than just confidence.

  • Create a sales battle plan that hits your financial goals.

  • Present irresistible offers, that your prospects connect with at an emotional level and confidence is just the by-product.

Develop the skills that will transcend any niche and industry and also help have powerful conversations in your personal relationships.

I believe in Self-Persuasion Selling and I know it's going to be game-changer for you

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