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I don’t want you to just believe my words. I want you to see what my clients have to say about their incredible transformations from our work together.

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Leigh Jagow, Realtor

I was really impressed with the results following the online session I did with Tina focusing on self-worth.  I've been feeling lighter, freer and more solid since our sessions - it's fantastic!  I feel more and on purpose.  My confidence has massively increased.  This truly is life-changing and I would recommend with our reservation...Thank you Tina.

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Maureen Tan, 
Insurance Executive

I really enjoyed my session with Tina and got much more out of it than I imagined possible. Tina helped me to demystify a lot of my thoughts and behaviours that are no longer constructive in my life and get to the root cause of issues. This has really changed my perspective and allowed me to broaden my view of what I should be getting out of life. It is an invaluable experience and I highly recommend this to anyone who wants more clarity and purpose!


Emily Garcia,
Sales Executive

Tina helped me get to dig deep to understand the what was behind my self-sabotaging behaviour. No self-help book has ever come close to the work with Tina.  I finally know the reasons behind my actions and can finally put it behind me and start being the person I've always wanted to be.  I only wish I had done this sooner!

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Anaya Rao, Coach

Since my session with Tina I've noticed a shift in my attitude.  Sales calls no longer feel 'ikkie' and stating my premium price feels effortless. My sales conversion rate has doubled despite increasing my price twice. That's something I would never have contemplated doing before.

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